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Ingenious Plumber Creates Mobile Showers To Help The Homeless

Good to hear of plumbers out there using skills to help out others

Came across these awesome ideas that some plumbers from other areas have come up with to help out their fellow man—what do you think of the work these guys are doing?

Ingenious Plumber Creates Mobile Showers To Help The Homeless


SAN ANTONIO — A Texas man is traveling across the city with mobile showers to help the homeless.

There was a guy who was praying that he wanted to take a shower. Villalobos stationed hiswtsp.com

mobile showers near the Church Under the Bridge on Thursday. Villalobos said with the mobile showers, he hopes to change the homeless from the outside-in. See more…


Another group of individuals in have a project reaching out to help out the homeless as well. Good to see all these local plumbers stepping up. Are you ready to step up in your local areas?

San Diego Alpha Project For The Homeless – YouTube

San Diego Plumber, http://OzzysPlumbingSD.com/ is a proud sponsor of San Diego Alpha Project For The Homeless. Ozzy’s Plumbing and Drain employees have volun… San Diego Alpha Project For The Homeless – YouTube

We at Midwest Plumbing love the local communities that we work and are always happy to see others reflecting that same love to their local areas.  If we could all just do one small gesture we could start to change this world one plumber at a time.


If you are in need of any plumbing services, contact us today:

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Always ensure you are hiring a licensed plumber

When searching for a plumber, ensure they carry the appropriate licensing!

Finding a good plumber can always be a chore, but when looking to have plumbing work done, be sure to ask about licensing to keep you safe.  As can be seen in this aritcle, an unlicensed plumber can cause quite a problem….

 Unlicensed plumber fined $3000 for repair work

An unlicensed plumber has been fined thousands of dollars after he failed to repair a leaking hot water cylinder in a Hastings home.

“Tradespeople are required to carry a current authorisation card — https://i0.wp.com/media0.giphy.com/media/26FxL6qSP2ZvjVCne/giphy.gifand homeowners and property managers should ask to sight it to protect themselves from any health and safety or insurance risk,” Sawyers said.

If a homeowner believes that work has been done by someone who is not authorised, or has concerns about the competency of a tradesperson, they should notify the board. Read the full story here…


Now of course this is a worst case scenario and highly unlikely to happen, but why take a chance with your plumbing services.  Always look to hire an honest reliable plumber to ensure that you get the service that you deserve.


Contact us at Precision Plumbers for a great service at an affordable price.




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You can now control home appliances with a smartphone app

Looking for a water heater upgrade?

If you find yourself in the market for a new water heater, do a little research to see all the latest developments that are in the market…it may just surprise you.

Recommendations for a new water heater

Do you have any reason to believe your water heater is better or worse than other water heaters? Our current water heater is leaking in a way that indicates internal damage, and it’s 15 years old anyway. There’s a similar size/shape one listed for that brand. Recommendations for a new water heater / brand? – waterheater plumbing homedepot | Ask MetaFilter

Apps that allow to control water heater

With all the latest and greatest gadgets in the last few years, why not look to be more efficient with the ability to control the functioning of your water heater as well?

indiatimes.comNow, control all your electronic home appliances with this smartphone app

Noida-based Oakter wants to change that by offering a system that is incredibly easy to setup and use. We call it a system because it is expandable -you can keep adding more components to suit your particular need. The promise is simply this: Oakter lets you control your appliances (lights, fans, water heater, air conditioner, heaters and so on) from your phone. Check out the full story…

With all the advancements in water heaters and technology, look to leverage that the next time you are in the market for a water heater replacement.  Don’t just look to the cheapest model because spending a few extra dollars up front can save a load of money in the long run.


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